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31 Jan 2003
Okay, I finally got a GameCube. I know I'm probably the last one on Earth to get one, but anyway...

For some of you with the GameCube, I would like to have some game recommendations. Mario Sunshine came with the one I bought today and I also bought Luigi's Mansion. The store I went to was out completely out of Zelda! :(

So, if any of you could please give me some recommendations, advice, whatever, please do so.

(And no, don't tell me I should've gotten a PS2 :p)
i dont have a gamecube, got a ps2 :p but ive played several GC games. the bomberman game is fun for the verus modes since its old skool style, the story mode is ehh. also you should get soul calibur 2 in august when it comes out, its a fighting game the 1st one was really good. maybe tenchu 3 (you get to be a ninja :D) if its on GC im not sure if it is though. i guess it depends on what style games you and i assume your husband like. if you wanna tell me the genre i can prolly help out abit more.
Thanks for the advice so far, jeisan! We like most all kinds of games. I'm more into adventure and role-playing type games. My husband is the same, but he also likes fighting games and some racing games.

Just tell me what games you think are best for the GC. I'm up for about anything! :p

And Luigi's Mansion is more difficult than I would've thought...
no nintendo system would be complete without mariokart. also maybe summoner, for an rpg. i always suggest rent before you buy just to make sure you dont waste $50 on something you dont like.
umm i rather liked Lost Kingdoms on the GC ^__^ i wouldn't really bother if Zelda WW if i were you, its not that it isn't good, its very good, its just so very easy. i have nearly finished it and i've not been playing long.

good storyline though :)
I recommend Eternal Darkness. It's extremely good fun and scarry and you do have to think. Play it with your subwoffer turned on and the lights off. I gurantee you it's great.:)
Also Mario Party is great when you have 2 or more players.
Yes, I agree with the recommendation on Mario Party.

I also recommend Metroid Prime and definitely Ikaruga, probably the best jet shooter since Radiant Silvergun (Sega Saturn import).
Eternal Darkness did not scare me as much as people say! It is a good game, even though they got the name of the Roman Centurian wrong (if my memory serves me correct). That was my only problem hehe
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