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~Final Fantasy XI~


9 Dec 2003
What are your views on FFXI?
I had it for atleast a month and I love it ten times over.*lol*
It's a very addictive game.:eek:
You would be playing for an hour and then relize it's been 2-3 hours.x.x
But, it's a fun game.
I love how they made it a giant gameing enviorment(SP?)
If anyone plays please share what server you play on I would be interested and all.🙂
feeling the FFXI pains...

awwwwwwwwww i was going to wait for the ps2 release but i might as well get it on the computer.

Because i wantto play that game so bad!
THere's no real point to the PS2 one unless you don't have a PC.
First the game will be $60 at least, plus you will need a keyboard and all. It's better just to do it on a PC I think.
I've been wanting to play for so long, I think i'll purchase it for the computer. How much does it cost to play online?
$12.99 a month, or so. I haven't got it since I don't really have a good video card. How much do these things cost nowaday? I'm not really an online/computer gamer, though I want to play it. One thing I don't like about MMORPG is all the people that gets too freakishly good at it since they play like 24/7... it just kind of make me lose interest joining something like that...
Yeah, I agree with you Keiichi, it's a little intimidating to play those MMORPG's because there are so many people and they all become so great at it. It's a little difficult to become good at a game that everyone else is already great at. I don't have a lot of free time myself...
How much will this game cost, by the way? I'll have to buy the game, a video card, and a subscription...fun!
I think about $40-$50 like any regular game. Supposedly the PS2 one will have a bundled HD (40GB, was it?) for $100. Man, to play the PS2 one, you'd need: the game, playonline subscription, HD, ethernet adapter, keyboard, and possibly a mouse. That's like an investment. :p
Shiznit o_O
I might just go out and buy the psx instead -.- (which is already out in Japan) I think i'll pick up the pc version if i'm going to play it...and a new video card...and maybe some speakers....
hiho :D
thankz for taking me here Keiichi !

I wanna know more about the game tho, and considdering to buy the usa PC version.(since the europe version isn't out yet)
But first i wanna know more about the game, and the way of playing it.
This will be my first MMORPG game.
The PS2 version is coming out this March. The PC one's graphics are incredible. Even when you run around it looks completely different from any PS2 type. I like it. But the PS2 one can't be all too different.
God i hope not! thats what i'm waiting for even though alittle more expensive with all the little things [keyboard, mouse, what not....]
The game's REALLY good. I don't even own it (yet) and I'm hooked. My PC is below the requirements a little, btu I have my own tricks to get it up to speed. A decent video Card would cost anywhere from $80-2000, depending on how 'perfect' you want it to be. Also, older, older computers (like Celerons, AM k6-2) shouldn't be considered to play it. You'll be wasting effortless time. I think it'd be cheaper to play the ps2 version, when all is bought. Besides, any GENERAL USB keyboard can be used on the PS2. Not just a certain brand. Either that or the manual lies again -_- well, good luck. and avoid trying to take a treant solo :D
I had heard that. I read this magazine where this guy is playing the game. U lose experience, instead of money and weapons...now that SUCKS! but new!
I get frustrated when I die and lose exp, but it's better than loseing money or weapons as money is ten times harder to get than exp. Same with weapons.x.x
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