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Final Fantasy: The Legacy! (Character Creation & Role Play)


13 Sep 2007
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Ok here it goes.


The story begins in four different kingdoms that have declared war against each other. The war goes allready 30 years since 1800. The year in the RP is 1830. The four kindoms try to take more territory. The war will end when one kingdom stays alive. But who will win?

Zelf Kingdom
Heartland Kingdom
Northeast Kingdom
Dark-Shadow Kingdom

Those are the characters suposed to be in every kingdom. I need that mount
of users to apply to the RP.

1 King, 1 Queen, 1 Prince, 1 Princess, 5 Warriors, 3 Mages, 1 Engineer, 4 Village citizens, 4 Dragons

Ok... The creation goes this way.

First Name:

Last Name:


Role: (What is your characters role in the kingdom...)

Resides from: (Which kingdom he is from....)

Weapons: (Any kind of weapon, but people be serious there were no rocket
launchers in 1830)

Spells: (What spell he uses. If none just type 'None')

Clothings and Looks: (What he wears and how the character looks)

Weaknesses: (What are your characters weakness)

Likes: (What he likes...)

Dislikes: (What he hates...)

A Bit about the character: (Info about him)


Ok here is my character:

First Name: Valen

Last Name: Leonardo

Age: 45

Role: King

Resides from: Heartland Kingdom

Weapons: A gold sword with his name on it.

Spells: None.

Clothings and Looks: He wears a black plain shirt. On top of it he had a green jacket with yellow stripes on it. Black pants and black long boots. His sword is hanged on the left waist.

He looked very old. His hair was black, but in some places it became gray. He had a scar over the right eye. It is an injury from the time when he was a Knight.

Weakness: Loves to Drink. Sometimes drinks too much.

Likes: His wife, to Drink...

Hates: Intruders and wars...

About the character:

Ruling the Heartland Kingdom is not an easy task. Valen new that. He took this kingdom to take care of it. As knight he had a lot of chance to see the civilians die in his arms, and he promised himself that he will save Heartland Kingdom from this war. His ambition is to destroy the Dark-Shadow Kingdom. He promised himself that he will win this war and finish it.


I hope you got it....

4 Kings... 4 Queens... 4 Prince... 4 Princesses... 20 Warriors... 12 Mages... 4
Engineers... 16 Village Citizens... 16 Dragons....

84 USERS! So let's hope i'll get 84...

After you create your character you can automatically start roleplaying...

Thanks for the attention,

Hope it will be the biggest RP ever!!


13 Sep 2007
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OOC: Here you start the roleplay... I'll start when the first person join this roleplay...
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