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Final Exam (Part 2)

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8 Apr 2004
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Dear native English speakers,
Here's the rest of the exam.
I'd appreciate it if you could help me.

問6 次の文を読んで、あとの問いに答えなさい。              [13点]
“The most important part of any city is its citizens," Lerner declared. "We must do whatever we can to make Curitiba a city that puts the needs of the people first." He began to carry ( 1 ) a series of progressive reforms. In the first of these, he had cars completely (a)[(ア)ban (イ)to ban (ウ)banned ] from the busiest downtown street,
(b)[(ア)who (イ)that (ウ)which] he made into a permanent pedestrian zone. His goal was to transform Curitiba ( 2 ) a walkable, car-free city and improve the ( 3 ) of life of its people.
Next, three sections of the pedestrian-only roadway were planted with flowers and trees and lined with benches. Coffee shops, florists, and newsstands began to open all along the street. As a ( 4 ), it became a pleasant and popular meeting place.
People from every ( 5 ) of the Curitiba city government worked together on this project, completing it ( 6 ) the summer vacation in only seventy-two hours. However, not (c)[ the / project /everyone / supported ]. When shopkeepers returned
( 7 ) their vacations, they got angry and claimed that the changes would ( 8 ) their business. This led to protests by the shopkeepers. Some of them decided to drive into“Flower Street," as it was now (d)[(ア)know (イ)knew (ウ)known], and turn it back into the roadway it had once been. But (e)[drive / they / to / when / tried ] into the street in their trucks, they found 400 children and their parents happily drawing pictures everywhere.

[1] (1)~(8)に当てはまる語を下の選択肢から記号で選びなさい。    [各1点 計8点]
ア)result イ)from ウ)out エ)hurt オ)into カ)quality キ)during ク)department

My answer 1ウ 2オ 3カ 4ア 5ク 6キ 7イ 8エ

[2]下線部(a),(b),(d)にあてはまる正しい語を選びなさい。[各1点 計3点]

My answer a ウ b ウ dウ

[3]下線部(c),(e)の語を正しい語順に並び替えなさい。[各1点 計2点]
My answer (c) everyone supported the project
(e) when they tried to drive

問7 次の文を読んで、あとの問いに答えなさい。              [13点]
The shopkeepers didn't stay angry for long. Those who had at first opposed Mayor Lerner's policy soon found that their sales were increasing. Far from (a)[ (ア)be  (イ)to be (ウ)being ] bad for business, Flower Street ( 1 ) their profits as more and more people began to come to this green and pleasant space. Shopkeepers from other parts of Curitiba, anxious (b)[(ア)repeat (イ)repeating (ウ)to repeat ] this ( 2 ) in their own areas, began to ask the mayor to create "Flower Streets" (c)[(ア)in (イ)at (ウ)on ] front of their shops, too.
(あ)As the original Flower Street was extended, it attracted larger and larger crowds of people. Now renamed November 15th Street, it has become a ( 3 ) of the city and is the pride of its citizens.
With this success behind him, Lerner turned to the problem of ( 4 ) transportation. The main street in Curitiba consisted (d)[(ア)in (イ)at (ウ)of ] three parallel highways. The mayor made the one in the center into a two-lane roadway for buses only. Then he had individual buses (e)[(ア)connect (イ)connects (ウ)connected ] to make longer buses that could hold up to 270 passengers each.

[1] (1)~(4)に当てはまる語を下の選択肢から記号で選びなさい。     [各1点 計4点]
ア)success イ)symbol ウ)improved エ)public
(1)ウ (2)ア (3)イ (4)エ 

[2] 下線部(a)~(e)の中で最も適切な語句を記号で選びなさい。   [各1点 計5点]
(a)ウ (b)ウ (c)ア (d)ウ (e)ウ

[3] 下線部(あ)の文を日本語に訳しなさい。 [3点]

[5] 上の文の内容と合っているものを一つだけ記号で選びなさい。 [1点]
(ア)The shopkeepers stayed angry at the mayor for a long time.
(イ)The mayor's idea of "Flower Street" was a success.
(ウ)November 15th Street is a different street from Flower Street.
(エ)The main street in Curitiba is for buses only.
My answer is イ

That's all.
Thanks in advance.


19 Sep 2016
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Everything is fine here.

The sentence The mayor's idea of "Flower Street" was a success. could be worded a little more naturally, but doing so would make it longer and perhaps harder for your students to understand, so leaving it the way it is now is fine.

There are a couple of formatting issues:

- in the 問6 text, add a space before "Flower Street". Also, you use two different styles of quote marks around 'Flower Street' - one straight and one curly. These should be made the same.

- in 問7, change [5] to [4].


8 Apr 2004
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Thank you very much for your great help, joadbres.
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