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Fighting in Japanese


5 Jul 2003
Can anyone teach me any phrase so that I can give out a fight with japs?
And, i need some love language and daily nihongo, oh god...I realized iIneed everything!!! Please kindly teach me anything you know about japanese language!!! THX a lot, mates! これからお願いします!!がんばってね!Btw, can you tell me how you guys write those stars and the big W or any specific symbols? And does it mean anything??? I need help now!
Why do you want to learn how to fight? Doesn't sound very friendly!!

Also, please be careful of using the word "Jap". Many people find it offensive - including people like myself who is not Japanese.
I knew it after I wrote that, sorry for the jap. About the fighting thing, I'm sure we'll need it since human are born to fight before you can say being frens..
Actually I think there is way too much fighting in the world and people should concentrate on using language that promotes understanding, open communication and friendship....
Yeah yeah, course i agree with that but...it's hard to stop fighting among human you see... it's not that I don't want peace, it's just that I swear that i can't live without fighting with my mates !!
it's better to just judge the manner in which something is being said, な?
not to mention the confusing alliterations in japanese lag edit: lang itself
but that's my opinion
バカヤロ would probably be enough, it's dissolved whole political parties in the past (very strong word...)
edit again: hahaha! maybe it's better to just live without them... good luck!
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