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Go to Japan.
6 Apr 2004
Im a student in England and in October I am coming to Tokyo for work experience at JUN racing.
One living kinda question....Is it possible to run UK electronic (230v) on the Japanese mains with a converter? The voltage seems to be a fair bit less.
Secondly. You may of guessed from my work placement that I have an interest in motorsports and performance engineering. I have various footage of the street racing/drifting in Japan and know for a fact that it is a big cult for Japans youth. Does anyone know if this kind of event is easy to find? It seems to mostly be around industrial estastes. Also I have videos of racing along the C1 highway that runs through Tokyo and the Hakone Skyline mountian roads. Is it likely that an enployee at JUN will be involved with such racing?
Sayonara. :)
check out the j-car garage forum for a thread about racing
congratulations on getting the work experience and location! best wishes
Yea just saw that thread. I should of looked before I guess. Thanks anyway budd, its taken ages to get somewhere that will show me around the work place and JUN is exactly what I was looking for so im really happy :D
maybe. i remembered a few threads about it somewhere
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