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23 Jan 2004
Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone knew some sites that give information on moving to Japan (not to the big/main cities, but the small towns/villages). The past year or so I have been very interested in leaving Canada and moving to a small village to learn as much as I can (I am not exactly sure what I would be able to do there tho, still in the planning process! :) )

I am only 17 now (but I graduated school last year), so in a few months I turn 18 (before the summer) and I am really interested in doing something like this.

Thanks! (sorry if its a bit confusing, you should be able to piece it together, lol).
Japan Travel and Living Guide might be of some interest. Check out the "living" section.

Before deciding to move I really recommend going for a trip to make sure Japan is everything you think it is (assuming you have never been before...) Moving to another country is a HUGE decision ;)

btw, I love Cookie Monster hehe
CookieMonster, it's amazing how your situation is the same as mine. I was looking for some answers to my problems and found out something that, for i second, I thought i wrote :p However, the only thing is that i found out that the best thing to do is to study, probably the Japanese language, and try to get a scholarship from the school you are stuing from or from the government. I'm 17 years old aswell so i plan on traveling after highschool, after summer 2005.

It would be really nice if we could keep in touch with information since we are walking the same path :) or at least trying to find the same path.


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