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Few questions. College related.

25 Jan 2004
I was interested in knowing how american colleges are seen from a japenese employers views. Currently working on my MBA at a state university.

Also, does haveing a military record effect anything while applying for a work visa?
Oh one more thing, does any one know what rules japan has about cars? Any rules on emissions or the like? I own a 65 cobra roadster replica and well... It eats alot of gas and I am sure its not going to meet most emission tests.

Also does any one have a link to some information about getting like a drivers permit while on a work visa in japan?
"I was interested in knowing how american colleges are seen from a japenese employers views."

As long as it's from a nationally accredited institution (which I assume it is) you should have no problems whatsoever.

"Also does any one have a link to some information about getting like a drivers permit while on a work visa in japan?"

A simple International Driver's Permit courtesy of AAA for instance should suffice. It costs next to nothing ($10) and is good for one year, the sole criterion being that you must currently posess a valid driver's license. Contact your local AAA branch for specifics. Something to think about though is the recently ammended Japan Traffic Act (Article 107-2), which basically says if you are planning on staying in Japan for more than one year AND plan to drive then you have to obtain a Japanese Driver's License.

Re: bringing over your Cobra... to be honest if you are only planning on staying for 8 months (which I think you mentioned in another thread) it's not really worth it and I would recommend against it unless of course you want to pay the exorbitant costs. Your best bet is to contact a Customs Agency representative to find out what your options are and if you are even entitled to export directly.
Ya I am going to look into it more. In some ways I am sure it would probly be cheaper to just rent a car but when you spend 3 years building a car from the ground up its like a second girl friend =) Only it helps you pick up other girls hah.

Thanks for the info on the international driver's permit, I will cheak into that. Got 4 months befor I need to go. Hopefully I can get my basic japanese up to middle school level bye then.
I'm sure you'll do fine. Don't stress too much on trying to cram as much of the language as you can before you go because the best way to learn is just to immerse yourself once you get there. Also, try not to surround yourself with other English-speakers right off the bat once you arrive as that will only impede your progress imho. The rest comes naturally...
Ya I am doing pretty good speaking it but... reading is like... Blah... I don't understand it at all =/ You don't happen to have a good guide to teach yourself to read / write japanese?
I would strongly recommend that you do not bring your car. The "shakken" or vehicle inspection is very strict, and, believe me, you do not want to go through it.
Where are you going to be in Japan? Renting a car for such a long time seems like a huge chunk of change. Renting just for a few days costs around 200 USD. If you are in Tokyo, Osaka, or a city larger than about 50,000 people, you probably don't need a car. Take the cash you would spend and take a side trip to Korea or Thailand.

Having a military record should not impact your visa process. Having a police record beyond traffic tickets might. Doesn't mean you wouldn't get a visa, but there will be a lot more questions.
Tokyo. Oddly 50,000 people does not seem that large to me... Heh here in wichita kansas we have approx 900,000 people and this isn't even a big city =/

I am guessing citys are alot smaller in japan just more dense? Here a city can be 5,000 square miles and we have VERY little mass transportation so most anyplace you want to go you need a car.
Well, wouldn't exactly call Tokyo small...But you're correct that it is very dense :)

"As of September 1, 2002 the population of Tokyo was estimated to be 12.275 million, or about 10% of Japan's total population, the largest population of any of the 47 prefectures.

Tokyo's area, 2,187 square kilometers or 0.6% of the total area of Japan, makes it the third smallest of Japan's 47 prefectures. The population density is 5,613 persons per square kilometer, making Tokyo the most densely populated prefecture in Japan.

The 23-ward area is home to 8.28 million persons, the Tama area 3.96 million, and the Islands 27,000. Tokyo has 5.612 million households, with an average 2.18 persons per household. The registered number of foreign residents reached 327,000 as of October 1, 2001, some 1.3 times more than the total figure ten years earlier."

-Tokyo Overview
Oh also as for writeing / reading what is the differnce between kanji hiragana and katakana and what should I work on first?
Oh and if any one has a GOOD guide to japanese let me know, the one I have is allright but it really does not explain the grammer, I can fit the stuff right for it to be correct but I have no understanding of WHY it needs to be the way it is, here is an example.

Watacshi mo daigaku-sei desu.

Now this means.
I am also a college student.
BUT as I read it, it reads as
I also college student am.

From what I gather "just GUESSING" the wa points out the subject but at the same time tells you to cheak the last part of the sentence for the missing conjunction word. Is this right? If so this will not sound right untell to me untell I can start thinking of things in the japenese word / way rather then haveing to translate it into english in my head =(
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