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Festivals in Tokyo


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Guest Jeremy Eaton asked:

I am trying to find a decent guide (preferably in English or at least Romaji) to festivals, particularly street festivals in Tokyo. Any help out there?

welcome to our forum!

I found two links in Japanese language listing Tokyo street festivals chronologically.

=> 東京のまつり

=> 東京の祭り

Btw, there's a great translation tool featured on Excite Japan. Enter the URL you wish to have translated in the green field, check the second radio button from left and click the red field to start the translation. The translations aren't perfect, but you will easily be able to comprehend a site's content.

Also check out Processing Japanese on Non-Japanese systems.

I can also recommend another translation program created by Todd David Rudick: visit his web site Rikai.com to find out more.
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