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Ferret question


26 Mar 2004
I'll be working in Japan for a few months, and I have a ferret pet, which I don't want to leave behind.
Can anyone tell me if ferrets are legal in Japan? Can he travel along with me?

Konnichiwa Hyza-san!

Ferret is one of popular pets in Japan. Of course ferrets are legal. 👍

Almost Any Country Has A Quarinteen On....

taking animals into it. Some as long as 6 monthes confinment before you can get them back! Better check into the details!! Sometimes the animals get stressed & die in the cargo hold of the plane! Better to find a baby sitter for you pet if you really love it!


:mad: 😲 :mad: 😲 :eek:
Yes, a year or so ago, when my friend went back to Japan, her chihuahua had to be quarantined for a good while after they got there. She also had to prepare a lot of paperwork before they left. Not too sure on all the specifics, but it's definitely a process you have to go through.
Conact the nearest Japanese consulate or embassy in your country and they will be able to give you the best info. What everyone here has said so far sounds correct (as usual), but best to get it from the horses mouth, so to speak.

Would you be too sad finding a good home for him for a few months? Quarinteen is not a very happy place to be.
could you please post an update after you find out the requirements, eg price etc? I left my darling budgie with my parents back home, but now they are thinking of going to London for the summer and I don't want to leave him with anyone else. He's not the kind of bird that can be left in a cage all day. *sigh* I just worry the trip over would be too stressful and what with tori influenza being only a few hours away from here.....

anyway I know the requirements for ferrets will be different, but it might give me an idea of how strict they are.
Thanks- 🙂
Next Trip Home, Buy A Double D Cup Bra And...

smuggle him back into Japan. If he talks, it might not work?


haha.... I think the fact that one cup will be full ..and moving.. and the other _empty_ might give me away....sadly. :p funny thought though!
and he does talk non stop. I'm really worried about what my Father's been teaching him....
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