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Favorite nihongo sites?


14 Nov 2003
Hey all,

Are there are other good forums like this that are good for practicing Japanese and getting feedback/corrections from others?

Also, what are people's favorite sites for online reference. Audio clips, reading materials, Kanji study?

So far, my favorite sites are this one, along with :

A Guide to Particles Structural Particles in Japanese

for particle reference,

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Japanese

for quick verb/adjective inflection reference.

And of course the JDIC for word references.

Originally posted by Mirage
Hey all,

Are there are other good forums like this that are good for practicing Japanese and getting feedback/corrections from others?

I posted these in the introductions section, but here they are again:

Japanese Online - Mixed English speakers learning Japanese and Japanese speakers learning English. Nice people, except for the occasional spam, and a cool forum.

Teach Yourself Japanese - This board has two resident native Japanese speakers, one who has studied linguistics. The responses can get pretty technical, so if you are into more of the textbook side of things, this is a good place. That is not to say that you do not get more practical help there, of course.

Also, what are people's favorite sites for...Audio clips, reading materials, Kanji study?

ANN NEWS allows you to listen to a report and read along with the anchor. It is great, although sometimes what the anchor is saying and what is written does not match up. But from what I have experienced that is a small fraction of the time.
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sci.lang.japan (LURK before posting, ne.)


Apricotweb [pE{wK҂̃z[y[W]
Teach Yourself Japanese - message board (disabled 2010)http://www.sf.airnet.ne.jp/~ts/japanese/message/message.cgi?list=1-30
View Forum - Learn Japanese :: jdorama.com
Japan Forum

Somebody _must_ have mentioned WWWJDIC?
My tip : Use a different mirror - the home domain is slightly unreliable.
WWWJDIC: Word Search
Learning and Teaching Japanese

Last, and probably least.

Japanese Grammar Database
JGram - home
It's a long way from perfect - but you get to comment on any entry
and (if you register) add examples / entries.
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For kanji:
http://web.archive.org/web/20040103064931/http://meiko.web.infoseek.co.jp// (whoever made this site is genius)

For a dictionary:
株式会社アルク (almost too comprehensive)

For the dictionary, if you cannot read Japanese do this:
1. In the text box next to the words "on the Web" type/copy and paste the word/phrase you want to look up.
2. Click the button to the right of the text box. It should say "英和・和英".
3. If you would like to clear your correction click the button next to the above button. It should be titled "クリア".

Please enjoy these links. I hope you learn as much from them as I have. ^^v

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