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3 Nov 2002
I first got into manga when I noticed Japanese salary-men reading them on the morning commuter trains. Since I could not read Japanese, I looked at the illustrations myself just to kill time while traveling. Once I returned home to Hawaii I found a manga and anime shop and began renting every anime I could get my hands on, and buying only selective graphic novels in English (because they are so expensive).

I am really into the artwork done by Ryoichi Ikegami. While the stories can sometimes be very juvenile, the art is absolutely excellent. "Crying Freeman" was OK (story wise), and my wife enjoyed "Mai the Psychic Girl," but my all-time favorite manga series produced is "SANCTUARY." The story is totally rebellious in the political arena, and there are some rather risquテゥ scenes that they could have left out, but Sho Fumimura's writing style (in this particular manga series) and Ryoichi Ikegami's artwork (in everything he has ever produced) made this the very best combo I have ever come across.

What are your favorites? 😄
I also like Crying Freeman, so much that I bought a couple of issues. Great artwork but I also bought Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell, And Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira.

My first manga was Akira, by the way.
My favourites would have to include, but not limited to, Card Captor Sakura, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Rurouni Kenshin, and Rayearth.

My current boom in Tokyo Babylon... I'm getting the trans online tho -_____-;

Miss PuccA~
Card Captor Sakura, Kami Kaze Kaitou Jeannu, Rurouni Kenshin, Rayearth & Tokyo Babylon...

I'm making notes!

My favorite manga is Takahashi Rumiko's Maison Ikkoku. I cannot read Japanese (I hope someday I do) but the book is in English. Hmm, I think this book is for girls. There are no robots or flying swordsmen.
Lets think.. mine would be Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yugi, Marmalade Boy, Kaikan Phrase and Hana Yori Dango. I've read a few volumes from each of these manga's and seen either most or all of the anime eps from each. They're all just so good. I'd definately recommend anyone who hasn't checked them out to do so!

I would have to say gundam: the origin, but i think im going to enjoy G-unit when i get for christmas. im a big gundam fan ^_^
So far I read Dragon Knights and on volume 4. Its not bad so far I really enjoy the art work. I also started reading Fushgi Yuugi and Magic Knights of Rarearth. I finished Sailor Moon Stars and Utena volume one. My favorite is Uzamaki. I really enjoy horror mangas though thats the only one I read so far but I am getting more.

I recently found the Cowboy Bebop manga series in English. I really like that the story does not follow the anime, and that they use the original art from the Japanese manga so the text is written in the comment bubbles from right to left and you read the books from back to front like you do with Japanese mangas.

my current favourite is naruto!(and a manga of a samarai guy with long orange hair and a scar on his cheek , his name was ..rorouni? something like that) a friend of mine living in japan send me some.(THANK YOU!)
i could never find such manga were i live , they've only got dbz,pokemon and such..wich is not my kind of manga you know?

Konnichiwa ben0a4-san!

Samurai's manga that you said is the Rurouni Kenshin. It is known Samurai X in America. I like Kenshin too.

video girl ai!!!
dash kappei!!!
city hunter!!!
the best triangle

i've all the cowboy bebop manga series,but i don't like the drawing...the tv series and the film it's works of art
my favorites

北斗の拳(Hokuto no Ken)
ドラゴンボール(Dragon Ball)
スラムダンク(SLAM DUNK)
犬夜叉 (Inuyasya)
ガラスの仮面(Garasu no Kamen)
動物のお医者さん(Dobutsu no Oisya san)
ブラックジャック (BLACK JACK)
火の鳥(Hi no Tori)
天使禁猟区(Tenshi Kinryoku)
伯爵カインシリーズ(Hakusyaku Cain series)
多重人格探偵サイコ-MPD-PSYCHO-(Taju Jinkaku Tantei Psycho)

I love them. There's more nice manga but I forget their titles...
First official post, hope not to fail something

I have a shelf full of japanese 'fumetti' and it's very difficult to choose a best.

Ranma 1/2, maybe.. it's so funny 👏

Dai, maybe.. someone says it's just for child, but i like it.

One piece, the grat manga of pirates..

Dragon Ball, the epic saga...

I like all aof them as well as all the others i own

Me and my sister also like to read manga. But my fav. manga are:
Rurouni Kenshin
Kanata kara
Love hina
Detective conan
Salad days
Towa kamoshirenai
Imadoki, etc
I forgot most of the japanese title. That's only manga title that I remember now. I have lots of manga in my house, because I collect most of manga that I read ^-^
Any one know about golden boy manga? plz... tell me about it ok!
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