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Favorite Japanese Smiley???

I liked the "Who? (Furyou)"

My friend showed me a bowling one before but i havent figured out how to make the black ball symbol/icon. (-_-; )

I think you can make a hello kitty face using a western keyboard but i forgot how to do it.
My fav is ツ(ツ≫?督^ツ?、ツ^ツ≫?督)

Looks like the person who set me it, shes so sweet. Her and some friends phoned me up on my birthday and sang to me 😭
Here is another good one...
( * )( * )

I know what your thinking...they're not...it is 2 japanese cyclopes standing next to each other...get your mind out of the gutter...LOL
this would be me favortie. ^ ^ or ^_^ i mean almost every person on the net uses it. -_-+
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