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Favorite drama series?


13 Jul 2002
Greetings! 🙂

I'm thinking about picking up some drama series to watch, but I'm not sure what might be worth getting. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I've seen "With Love" completely, as well as most of "Pure" and "Hoshi no kinka", all of which I enjoyed.

Thanks for your help!

One of my all time favorites would be "Tokyo Love Story"

I've cut down of the dramas lately but I'm watching one currently with Kikukawa Rei .... the story line isn't too bad either.

If my wife knew the real reason she'd change the channel. hehe, last night I was lucky since it dealt with her part of the story.
moyashi you should know by now not to give a cryptic clue,,,,
lolol,,, whats your reason for watching this particular show????

hahaha I could'nt resist that, "I'M SORRY MOYASHI" (hehe).

Before I go,, I must add that I'v never heard of
or seen this show.

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