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Fatal Frame:A True Story?

actually i have been doing research on that. i have been looking to find the mansion and what not, but if o get more info i'll let you know. i think it may be true!👏
Well the game is half true. But is based on a real event.

After reading true stories like that, proves one thing to me and that is:
The Human mind is by far that most powerfull and at the sametime the weakest creation on the earth.
😌 fatal frame is a spooky game. ive played the first one but coudn't get very far since i was scared to move thinking something will pop out at me. i got really far in Fatal frame 2, :D very good game and has a good story plot with the two twins. i dont know if the second one is based on a true story but i do believe the tradition they do in the game is real. i think :? lol
good game! scary story :(
I thought is was an great game !! taking pictures and all, was fantastic ! Its kinda creepy if its tottally true...... :devilish:
waaahhh this is sooo exciting!!!! i really like this game... and i like true horror stories... xDD Mio to Mayu rulesss xDDDD
All this talk is making me excited. I've played the the other two Fatal Frame series except the first one, unfortunately. But it's not like a missed anything.
I've read threads on here talking about Himuro relatives and the rituals. As far as I know, the game was based on a lot of different legends all compiled into one, not on one complete story. Also, the name Himuro in Japan is supposed to be like the name Smith in England... one of the most common names. It also confuses me that the tag line, "based on a true story," was never on the Japanese version. It's really weird. There's loads of stuff like that on other threads on here. Still not sure if it's real though. I'm gonna keep researching. :)

I love it when people ask for Himuro relatives. Considering (according to legend, or at least what I have heard of it) the last person to perform the ritual in "Himuro Mansion" went crazy, killed everybody connected to the ritual (including his family) and then fell on his own Katana... I don't think he has any living relatives. 😊
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if someone found more information, please post here, because i run an amateur paranormal group in my country and i want to know more of chinese and japanese ghost ^-^
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yes, i`ve alreyade know that spirits, but, i searching mor of the "shinigamis" and chinese devils, or something like that............
thanks, well i`ven disapeared for some time `cause i was on spain, and i found that the spirits of this world are just the "aura" of the people ,and when they die the "aura" of this person is still in this world, but is a primitive soul and only have a few memories and only acts when something remember he, or something like that........................however, the spirits and ghost are only another state of the human matter, well i think so 😌
Yeah. That's about the size of it, I think. There are different explainations for it and that seems to be the most believable.
thanks, thats a part of the results of weeks of hard study, and i must thank the autor Paulo Coehlo to show me many spiritual things in her books, well i must begin another investigation here in my country about the sect "La tradicion", see ya
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