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Fatal Frame 2 ? out in japan


28 Jul 2003
Hello all, I am new to forum so please bara with me.

I was wondering if Fatal Frame 2 is out in japan yet? Its known over here in europe as Project Zero, and the sequel to it should be coming out. Just wondering if it is out in japan yet and has anybody played it. It came out for the xbox and ps2.

Just wanted to see if it is out in Japan yet!

Thank You for Your Time
Nope it's not out yet, the working title is The Crimson Butterflyes, looks like it's gonna be real damn scary, loved the first game and S-Ranked it, excellent game, work as a game graphics designer myself, only wish I would get to do games like Fatal Frame :(
I havent played the first part. I heard they stopped making it but i do still want to play it though many of my friends didnt like it. I want to play the first one before the second one.
i thought it was already out in japan because i've seen it in the shops a couple of times
i cant wait till i get my hands on this game :D
the 1st one was excellent

is it true that u have two characters but you dont exactly play as both only one???
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