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15 Apr 2002
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For men it's a pretty easy choice.
Men's Non-no and sokora (Scholar) ;)

Women though:
Kan Kan -- young office lady look
Jay Jay -- slightly older than young office lady look
With -- young stylish look
Vive -- slighly older than young stylish look

Kan Kan and Jay Jay are the standards for the past 20 years. My wife likes With because I guess it's her age range and targets young ladies and wives.

If you're looking for the Ko-garu look. Try anything with the words; egg, fresh, and with anything sounding like a 13 would like.

tamago = babies so the egg is the reference you want unless you're looking for baby goods instead of babe goods.

Sorry, I'm not into the danduro or ko-garu look. I prefer the refined office lady look so of course, my eye catches on the above magazines whenever I walk into a convenience stores.
What's that relation between ko-garu and eggs? :)
ko-garu / danguro <--> eggs ???

Hmmm, I'm thinking of 1 magazine called "young egg". Maybe, young girls are still young blossoms coming out thereby blossom being all pure and naive so an egg is used instead?

Hell, I don't know. ughh
For men's fashions, I usually read "Begin". It's for younger professionals who dress casual to work, and it gives good ideas for weekend wear. A lot of the clothing they suggest is too expensive for my taste, but I still get some good ideas...

The magazine has a website if you want to check it out...

fashion is so stretched out (no pun intended) in magazine that i feel the only real way to make a fashion statement or trend is to create one yourself, with that said, it seems that with all the different types of fashion magazines it's really hard for me to say (as much as i want to) which fashion or look is the best in the world since everyone has a different view on what is fashionable, as does"tragedy" above this post would argue "casual workwear" where as i would argue "a phatfarm designer brand 200-300 dollar velour set would be more fashionable, comfortable, etc.etc." ,, with japan in mind i think it's really funny when people dress casual though, especially the other foreigners because you'll go to a nightclub and see guys (foreigners/japanese) dressed casually for an all nightevent and the way i see it is "would you go to a costume party in street clothes?" i wouldnt, especially in places like shibuya where style, materialism and popculture rule supreme, great fashion and good looks are like quarters to a ufo-catcher, you gotta have it to play the game, if not your just going to be sporting a blazer standing against the wall by yourself, good luck and my sympathy goes out to those impared.

Josh / Ghettocities
P.S. I'm returning to japan in less than a week! oh yeaaaaa.
Fashion is not about what you wear. It's about who wears it. And then it only becomes a fashion if that person is in a notable enough position to be followed by other people.
I don't think that is true in all cases, Michael Jordan wouldnt be sociably acceptable walking around everyday in dog poo, but that's not the case as he has his own clothing line.
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