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hehe, I've already read it :)

get hit 3 times and get yourself on Japanese syndicated TV :box:
when was that folks?????

I have obioviousy been so busy that this is new to me!!! (I dont watch the news so much as the kids are the bosses,lol)
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The page doesn't mention when these pics were taken, but I assume it happens everyday somewhere around the globe. I am quite sure that the passengers didn't even notice a thing...
the pics where excellent and very hair raising, and to think thats its possible for a plane full of people and they didnt even notice it, thats the scary bit, (yikes), I wonder if all their watches stopped,or if their mobile phones refused to work again, did the instruments on the plane continue to work as normal ect,, if anyones knows any more,post here lol🙂
That is an excellent question...wouldn't that much juice flowing through that plane, fry the controls???
I did'nt think of that!! but there you have it!

just out of curiousity,, is it true that all computers must be switched off at times of thunder and lightening? recently here we had a storm and a family member phoned me and told me to turn off my computer because the electrical currents and magnetic feilds above, would cause the modem to blow!! or cause damage beyound repair, does anyone here know if thats 100% true or just fiction?

spiking can cause damage especially if your machine is plugged directly into the wall socket. (spiking ... a surge in the amount of power your machine gets)

also, I can see that the modem would have problems too. A phone line runs on like 10 amps or so which is like what ??? 1/10 of a volt ??? hell, I don't know. But put it this way, if you plugged your phone line into the wall socket I bet it would fry most of your telephone lines in the house and possibly back up to the telephone pole.

When I was growing up, I always had to unplug all expensive electrical appliance especially those that don't use a ground wire (that little green useless wire that sticks out sometimes).

Here's a bit of a side example. If you fix your own computer you have to be careful of static electricity. I can and it will blow somethign on your mother board. I know several that have dones this. So, if a bolt of lightening struck your house, telephone or power lines, it could technically screw up your machine.

Now, I wonder if you have lightening rods on the roof? If so, they may prevent some of these problems straight from the start. Also, do you use a surge protector strip? If so this may help too.

No, I don't think it's fiction.
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