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Hey! If you guys are based in Japan, or have people who live in Japan, update me on new Naruto episodes, or any cooooooool (kakuuui!) anime you thing is good
Hahah, here someone's offering jobs and you're asking them to update you on the latest Naruto episodes? Tut tut!
Besides his flag wasn't Japanese, I only glimpsed it, but I know >=]
Hey type zero for updates on naruto episodes and manga (with English translations) go to http://narutochuushin.com/ its a really nice website.
im not real good at translating yet, but i am quickly learning japanese, i love anime, and anime translating is one of the careers i have my eye on
I just had my fist Advanced Japanese class, twas terrifying >.<
I only slowed the class down, and got really confused.
Makes me wonder if i'll ever actually get to Japan.
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