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Family life in Japan ..Lots of help needed ((Urgent))


15 Mar 2002
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Well, let me start by telling you a little bit about what I'm doing!

There's a class called "Family Relationships" and there's a project on couple relationships in Japan. If you are Japanese or living in Japan then please take a minute to answer the following survey. It is very very important and I will be eternally grateful if you can answer it. If you're uncomfortable with giving your name..just say so or answer it by sending me a private message. It's good if you put your name though so we can use you as a source of information :D

Please please please help, I can't stress this enough:

here is the survey:

If you窶决e not Japanese, how long have you lived there:
Are you married:

What is the typical day for a couple and their family? Do they get any time together? Any time to spend with their children?

How does the modern Japanese man view his wife?

Do you think that has an effect on their relationship?

How does the modern Japanese woman view her husband?

Do you think that has an effect on their relationship?

How were women viewed in the past?

Why did this change?

Do you think that most of the marriages in Japan are love marriages?

A million thanks in advance
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