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False Malware Alerts

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6 Jan 2007
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At this point in time I am purposely being circumvent, because this just took place a few days or so ago and I have not visited their site since the third time, when I did the necessary documentation and cookie recording and URL files and such.

I did report this to them with proper evidence with appropriate information and also sent the same attachments to the police after some land line discussion with them, so I tried to do my proper duty, in a manner of putting it.

But I would like to ask if anyone in this community has had trouble with the website of a major media company's landing page throwing out false malware alerts?

Again, I feel I am treading into very odd territory and I want to give both the NPA and the media company a bit more time to get back to me, but if another week or so goes by and I receive no further communications from either of those two entities, then the public ought to be informed of what happened.
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