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Falling birthrates

Raising and educating children in Japan is estimated to be about $300,000 to $500,000 ... although I doubt these figures really matter much.

Once again the statistically beast sticks it's head out. With a 1.3 average what age groups does this cover? Although, yes, population has fallen off in general but still, I have many friends with 2-3 kids.

There must be other home factors that play a bigger part in this whole picture. Also, I would imagine women not really being too keen on staying home and while they could be out socializing and singing karaoke with their friends.
@cost of children.
Damn, I want to raise the boy there. Our figures are closer to $1,000,000. to raise and send to college.

@age Group.
I am noticing more and more people having only one child. Although I do have a friend whom has ( I **** you not) 6 children.

@singing karaoke
that was funny. is karaoke really that popular there?
You kidding? Karaoke is still alive and well. Of course the boom has passed but it's all over town.

It's hard to imagine a company party without Karaoke ;)
That is too funny. You wont find a company party with karaoke.

Most karaoke fans are drunk when they do it or go to see it...
I love karaoke and indulged in it whenever I had been to Japan. I got the impression that Japanese generally enjoy singing (at least in a certain state of intoxication). I once joined my wife in a gashuku (kind of student meeting), and as the booze started to circle everyone had to stand up and sing. It was the first and last time I recited Austrian folk songs in front of other people, lol.
hehe, at least they make you dress up in costume too. A couple of places give out costumes so that customers will have even more fun :)
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