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Fake see-thru skirts


24 Feb 2003
Hey, I just got these emailed to me the text roughly says that these are not real see-thru skirts but just a design on the back and its "the new rage in japan" any thoughts on this? There are several other pictures as well.

Here's what Kjeld from japanesestreets.com and iKjeld.com has to say on the subject:

I have been flooded with emails about this 'new trend'.

These kind of doctored images are very common in the cheaper porno magazines in Japan. Of course, there is no fashion trend like this. But I guess there is a deep wish to believe that these images are true...

STOP THIS HOAX! Don't send the messages on to others.

=> http://www.japanesestreets.com/guestbook/index.php

I think Kjeld hit the nail right on the head.
That was my thinking especially on some of the other pics, thanks for clearing that up.
Is it the same for the 'booby scarves' as well?
well by booby scarf I men these silly things
but not as doctored photos, as fake fashion trends

booby scarf.jpg
I am liking the nipple scarfs!!!

One reason that this COULD be a huge trend, this way every one looks like they have a nice a**.

What so you think? I noticed a lot of girlies wearing them here in the Detroit Metro area last summer, to the beach and stuff.
i dun think the skirts would really come out right, prolly they would wrinkle and then the girl would end up with an old looking a** instead
you mean those scarves & skirts aren't real???!!!!
oh well.. received those pictures from friends before...
but i thought that was just another "latest" "weird" japanese fashion trends...

so, what's the latest / fun fashion trend in japan now?

well apparently the skirts are from cheapo porn mags in japan, but as for the scarves i have no idea as they dun really like like made-up pics but it could just be some stunt...
Living in Tokyo, I have never seen any of these, so this apparent new fashion is still restricted to very few people. I guess a few eccentric people wear that kind of clothes in Western countries too, but we don't see them more than here anyway.
@ maciamo Thanks for Toyko's info, I can't imagine any-one of sound mind wearing these ridiculous pieces of clothing.
they both are pieces that one might wear as a group, or for fun, on a hen night, stag night hehe the thought alone makes me laugh, this, in my opinion, is not fashion, but a "joke", 🙂 🙂
yuh them booby scarves are pretty funny, i could imagine having a good laugh at them especially with some friends and some liquor...
If you check the other pics, it's pretty obvious that these images are fake (courtesy of tokyodvd.com):

especially that one on the far left... i could have done a better job than that, minimal effort, could have at least turned the opacity down a little on the eraser. the rest seem to match a little too well for them being a print on the skirt.
But the image you posted first is technically excellent. Well, not only technically... 😊
In pictures it's very nice and all, but in real don't forget the buttock doesn't move when the person is walking. I also wonder how natural it looks from near. 😊
It would be one heck of a story for the model that gets her {buttocks} photographed for these... What would she say when she saw someone else wearing it. Hey that's MY @ss!! I wonder if they will add tattoos to the mix as well? Something to ponder - but not too hard boys... ;)
@ thomas: yup yup i think its the most convincing, which is why i chose it and had to ask the question.

that would look pretty odd to see a girl walking down the street while her "butt" stayed in the same place

lol the butt model
I hate that!!

Whenever my friend gets those stupid emails she passes them on to me and tries to make me believe that they are true. Last time it was that picture of the Chinese guy eating a baby (actually a pig fetus) and someone had wrote at the bottom Japan's newest delicacy. :angryfire: I was so pissed off I had to do my own investigation just to prove her wrong. For the longest time she believed Japanese people were cannibals until she saw a news program on it.

People who make doctored images like those should go to hell. That's just cruel! Not to mention it's gotta piss Japanese people off.

Oh why do I bother it'll probably keep happening:sick:
well id rather just ask some people who might know the answer about things like this as oppoesed to just running around like an a** saying ''lookie here, the japanese are so crazy waaahahahahaha ''

and, as you can see, the consensus here is that it's just a hoax and now we've taken to just cracking jokes about it :p
These shirts are not fake, lol. Original busts of Megumi and Harumi Nemoto.


=> http://marketv.bsfuji.tv/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=30023&storeId=20023&productId=248450&langId=-10&parent_category_rn=10023003&categoryId=10023001

Any comments? :D
hahahaha those are great, i used to have something like it but mine looked like a tuxedo :p
@jeisan, now I'm worried about you! (hahaha)
Knickers people might get away with, cleavage!!!! (spell??) I ain't so sure about! hahaha, this is boarding insanity!!! What do men think of this latest craze??? Cute or sad???
Lol sorry, I never had any need of either them hmmm, let's face it, a lady has either got a nice endowment( for want of a better word) or not!!!😌 😊 But I suppose its all down to each individual🙂 👏
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