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Eye-Hand Coordination Test

I'm glad I'm not the only one!! A friend sent this to me a few minutes ago, and I sat here trying for the longest time to get that stupid fly, until it finally dawned on me there is no way to get it!! @#$% :D
lol i went and got on the computer with a mouse and got it in 1.5 seconds, after i chased it around for near a minute on the laptop. now i agree with mandylion, ...damn ninja
I was all keyed up for the S-test and doing really well too...At least a pirate has the guts to come at you head-on.
Are you serious?! Oh, great, now I feel really uncoordinated!! :D Well, there goes my ego for the evening! :D
I thought I was doing well in the test... then I jumped right out of the seat... Bah.... ninjas!

I got the fly in 1 second...then i was doing dead good and the flippin ninja's sabotaged me aswell.......

To quote The Tick : "I hate ninjas!!!" ... :D

i thought i would add that i got the fly in 1 second on my second go...my first go was 6.5 seconds...eeep!! :D

I hit on e fly after 1.5 seconds and was doing well on e S and I was concentrating so hard...til well, e stupid ninja came out :eek:
it's hard, doing it with a laptop... T.T

I had 5 seconds for the fly though... and what happened at the end??
The sound is loud on my cpu too. Dunno why everyone else likes it so loud. I jumped but I'm sure everyone else in the room did too. evil ninja....
I got 8 seconds for the fly. Though I'm left-handed, so it was a bit hard, even though I can't use a mouse with my left hand. :p
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