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Extending Monbukagakusho Scholarship (Specialized Training College or Undergraduate?)


1 May 2013
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Currently I'm confused whether I'm going to choose Specialized Training college (Or it's called as D2 in my country) or Undergraduate (Called S1 here) for the monbusho scholarship.
Like we all know, the chance to get S1 scholarship is lesser than D2. Last year in my country, only 5 people out of 3000 applicants for S1 program were being granted the scholarship, but around 33 people out of 1800 applicants for D2 program were being granted the scholarship. This means that D2 applicants get higher chance than S1 applicants.

I'm going to applying for animation major next year, but I'm really confuse whether I'll choose D2/S1 (well, you know, I'm just afraid of getting rejected). I know most of you would probably say that I'd better choose the specialized training one since my major is animation, but I'm thinking about the degree I'll be getting after I graduate.

I'd like to extend the scholarship if I were about to graduate, and am wondering, is it possible if for example, I choose D2 (Specialized training). Then before I graduate, I want to extend the scholarship to S1 (Undergraduate) (my local embassy said that this one is possible as long as I have good marks and scores there). And if perhaps the scholarship extension is being granted, and I were about to graduate again, I'd like to continue my study to S2 (Post-graduate student). Is this possible? Or does anyone ever get their scholarship extended twice?

I know this might make me look greedy, but no, I just want to keep continuing my study if I'm still able to, especially since what I'll be studying is what I'm really interested in.

Also, for MEXT grantees out there, is it possible if after I graduate from there, I try to find a job and work there legally? Or is there anyone (MEXT grantees) who works there right after graduated?

Anyway sorry for asking too much. You just need to answer any question that you know, though. And maybe alot of you are thinking that I'm thinking too much (and I haven't even being granted the scholarship), but this is what I call 'plan'. I just don't want to study there and then confuse on what I'm going to do after graduated. Beside, I don't want to regret what I had chosen either in the future. Thank you for your attention!
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