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Exporting JDM engines,etc


27 Oct 2003
Hi, i'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone that lives in Japan can help me out.
I'm from Toronto Canada,..My company is based in Toronto , I'm working with two other companies in trying to bring down engines and jdm products by the container from Japan to Toronto..I was wondering if anyone knows any salvage yards, wholersalers that i can get these parts from..It would be helpful to get more information from Japan before me and my partner come down there late november to purchase these products. thank you for your time

[email protected]
I've recommended this company in the past (their Florida operations are adjacent to where I used to live) and they are very reliable. Their specialty is the same as yours (JDM engines and parts) so maybe if you drop them a line they can get you in touch with their suppliers (or at the very least provide you with better info on whom to contact). Hope that helps.

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