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Arkan Visokobrani
4 Jan 2003
Hi, comrades,
I`m happy I found this forum.
It`s very well designed and organized and...full of nice people. I`m very interested in Japanese aesthetics and literature, and I hope that this year I will find a way to have a stage in this beautiful country to learn more. Since then I`m here to learn from you and maybe try to help in other matters.
Admit, it was a bit annoying. . . but
Thanks for your time in reading this!
See you written...
Konnichiwa Vorkosigan-san:)

I'm new here too. Yoroshiku Onegai itashimasu!
I hope you like this forum and you have more interesting in japan.

Hi Vorkosigan,

thanks for your kind words, praise is always welcome! :)

Seriously, if you have any questions, just holler, if you have suggestions, just shoot.
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