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Experiences in Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Nagoya and Waseda University.


6 May 2008
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Hi guys!

I just joined the forums and I was just looking for some information on the experiences people have had with these five universities. From the 12 or so universities my home institution has agreements with I've narrowed down my selection to these 5 universities but I have to rank them in order of preference. My university will then decide what university I will go to based on competition for places and my preferences. If I'm accepted i will be studying from April 2009 to March 2010.

As a bit of background: I am Australian and a first year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Japanese language/studies and I was placed at the pre-intermediate level of Japanese. I have knowledge of about 250 or so kanjis, I can conjugate verbs and I have a grasp on basic Japanese grammar. My vocab knowledge is OK but still...could be improved.

I'm from Melbourne and the city is relatively laid back so I was leaning towards Osaka and Nagoya. I was also thinking that if I get a bit further from Tokyo it will force me to use my Japanese more to get around.

So if anyone has any information about the teaching styles of these universities and what the student life is like in the city and university it would be greatly appreciated.

All of this will help me a lot in selecting my top preference.

Many thanks from Down under!
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