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Exercise fro Lesson 7 Part 4 Revised Version


8 Apr 2004
Dear native English speakers,
would you check my exercises?
1 次の英文を日本語に訳しなさい。

①Everyone knows that Mt. Everest is the world's highest mountain. (everyoneは単数扱いなので三単現のsが付く)

②Winning the U.S. Open Championship last year made her better known in the world.

③At first, the storyteller paused so much that he didn't seem very confident to American audiences.

④My history teacher told us about the second World War as if he had fought in it.

⑤My friend's words made me realize that I'm not alone.

⑥Mary doesn't know much about how to cook Japanese food and neither do I.

⑦It took me a lot of time and effort to learn to speak English fluently.
 (It takes 人 ~to V=[人]がVするのに~が必要だ )

⑧Though I was worried about my English, I found I could make myself understood.

⑨The volunteer group helps people earn enough money to live on. (help ~ V = ~がVするのを助ける)

⑩After learning how to give a speech in English, they began to talk about themselves and their own native countries with more confidence.

2 次の日本語を[ ]の指示に従って英訳しなさい。 [ ]内で指定された語は、必要があれば、適当な形に変えること。
①その橋を造るには、多くの時間とお金が必要だった。[it, take, lot, money, build を用いて12語で]
It took a lot of time and money to build the bridge.

②私の姉はにんじんが好きではないのですが、私もそうです。[my, doesn't, and, neither を用いて9語で]
My sister doesn't like carrots and neither do I.

③ボブは何も起きなかったかのように振る舞った。[had, if, nothing, behaved, happened, as, Bobを並び替えて]
Bob behaved as if nothing had happened.

④彼女は、その新製品を自信たっぷりに説明した。[explain, with を用いて7語で]
She explained the new product with confidence.

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