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Anh Khoa

24 Mar 2017
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My name is Khoa and I'm a 21 years old male international student. I originally from Vietnam but currently go to university in Australia, and taking Japanese studies as a major. I have very little knowledge about Japanese language (just finished remembering Hiragana and Katakana) but I do a lot of research on Japanese's Arts (for examples: Kabuki stage and Edo's art).

I'm looking for Japanese friends that can teach me some Japanese dialogue since I really really like the language and talking to Japanese people. Trust me I when I said I really really like the Japanese language!
We can also practice English as well since I believe that my English is quite good, so it's a trade-off between us! Or else I would just enjoy a conversation or a chat.

We can contact via skype or line (I will create one ^^)! It's great being able to make friends from Japan!

Thank you guys :D!!!
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