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12 Jul 2003
I went to a renfaire today. It was fun even if I didn't stay very long. I am so tired. >< I want to rp........I'm hyper and exuasted. well I was hyper. wah..........i am so tired.
think of it this way ^_^ I organized my schools aniversary week thats full of sports and test and things went to ... ツャツャ something like college for you its a place you go before university but you dont HAVE to take it its optional I went to practise my martial arts ツャツャ finished 3 asingments (very dificult ones mind you) won the school week >< and kept my grades up I havent been home before 9:30 pm any day of this week now me Im reaaaaaaallyyy exausted

atleast you where having fun ;_; dont want to sound mean but my week's been .... well I guess you can figure it out:sorry:
lol yeah I did have fun. Go figure why I'm exasuted. I dun even get that much homework. That's what study hall is for.
jajaja ^-^;

I dont even get study hall then again I think my classes end earlier than school in USA >< I kinda dunno now Im quite fine despice the fact that my cel fone got stolen (again) ^_^; besides that life has been quite smooth ;) regardless all the work I did that week, My school mates err ツャツャ didn't present it therefore and since it was a 99% of the class that didnt show up most of the teachers are giving them second chances and stuff >< and that means I could not have worked so much that week and take a break >< but I didnt (a little mad about that)

then again some teachers didnt give second chances so my grades are the best (jejeje) ^-^ happy Lyn san 😌

I hope someday we will have anime/manga convencions as big as in Usa ^-^; but thats a long way to go from now
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