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Eve of Destiny


11 Nov 2003
Do many others know of this group? Haruhiko Ash (ex-Zolge) and Kozi (ex-Malice Mizer) are the members. I'm trying to find some of their music, but it's very hard to come by. I heard their first album is due for release this month, but does anyone know where? They don't play in Japan, mostly Europe, so this is what confuses me. I saw them perform live when they came to Australia, which is how I know I like their music ^_^
They have played in Germany (been home to the biggest gothic/dark rock festivals), Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Philippines (the only asian country they've performed in), New Zealand, and now Australia.
There may be more, but that's it to my knowledge. Their music is more German influenced. Not Malice Mizer like. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up visiting the States sometime, as Haruhiko Ash has contacts there. I hope ppls do get to see them!
hi!!! I just found this place through searching for The Piass info^^;;
I guess you might have seen me on MM /eod related ml's etc etc....seen them 6 times so far...
the Sydney live seemed to coool^^
Kozi seemed so unbelievably Genki^^
see you
Here are some pictures of their Stockholm concert, that someone posted on the Project J Forum:

I saw the Melbourne live. Kozi seemed Genki too, but they both also seemed tired. They'd just flown in from NZ.
A couple of photos I took. I also got Kozi's guitar pick when he threw it into the crowd at the end ^_^
Still waiting on their cd...
a friend of mine saw their performance in germany in may this year... my parents didn't allow me to go because i had my math exam 2 days later (and i suck at math. but that doesn't belong here.)
but he recorded their live on video so i was able to watch it.^.^
i hope there will be an album soon, i'd like to hear more of their music.
My dad promised me that if any of the j-rockers I like is holding a concert in europe he would let me go see them. (When I made him promise that we never tough that was actually gonna happen.) I'm so lucky I'm soon gonna go to one of EOD's concert. Just have to find out when they have concerts and where in europe. Maybe I'll make him pay for a backstage pass. Dad is so gonna pay for all the bad things he have said about J-Rock! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! Revenge sweet revenge!
Eve of Destiny is coming again to Poland on March 13. :)

I'm so happy. :)

Does somebody have more of Kozi's photo? I need it, I need it before the concert... :D
Got a few pictures of EOD in my gallery: http://www.zenlog.com/gallery/eod/

Taken at a concert they held in Holland last year.
They're coming to Poland?? They've just cancelled their concert in France....

I don't know why they won't but many people were pretty angry.....
Enora, they haven't cancelled their concert in Poland. It's really a shame they won't play in France.

Thanks, Twisted. :)

When they come to Poland, I'll make them a lot of photo... XD
Last time they were in France, they got robbed of their money and passports. Took them quite a long time to get replacement documents to get back home.
Twisted said:
Last time they were in France, they got robbed of their money and passports. Took them quite a long time to get replacement documents to get back home.

Thank God, it was not in Poland. :D
Not playing a concert in France was because somebody wrote that Eve of Destiny is a Visual Kei band. I saw a website in French that actually said this.

The concert was great. Really great. :) Ash is adorable. XD I managed to talk to him a bit *_* (I'm turned into Ash-fangirl after this concert).

I made some photos. :)

Great pictures!!!

Yes actually it seems that they didn't come to France because of this "stupid" reason.....

Also because they have problem with the people who organized it... don't really know actually.... But it's a shame!

I hope it's not because of the "robbery" thing! :p
Well, now I'm concerned if they will come once again to Poland cause there were some damn FANGIRLS (touching, touching, touching) .Ah, I don't want to remember this, it was scary. :D

I said I became fangirl rather in the term of Ash's otaku not that I want to have his child/spend a night with him and definetely molest him at the concert. :D I suppose I'm too old for such stupidity. I hATE fangirls, I wish I could kill all these idiots. :D
BANZAI!! They will come again to Poland, on october. YAY. I'm definetely going. Ash-chan, wait for me! XD
Eve Of Destiny is great,last year they were in leeuwarden(city) in the netherlands
on some goth fest,realy wanted to check em out but but i didnt had the time to go :(
but i have some Mp3's on my harddisk so id any one wants the mp3's,just PM me

is it me or do they look ******* old on those pictures
Ash has truly lived a rock n' roll lifestyle, so yeah, despite his make-up he looks really old. Kozi on the other hand looked pretty good. Even without make-up.
Haha. I like the way Ash looks. :) I guess, I'm into mature guys. :D And he's so nice... :)

Ash-chan, please, be my dad. :p
Do you Like EOD??? What about EOD's Best Friends!?!?!

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