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Evangelion movie greenlighted...

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26 Feb 2003
Looks like an Eva (Evangelion) live-action movie is in development with the special effects being done by WETA Workshop Ltd. For those who don't know the name, they were the company responsible for the effects in the recent Lord of the Rings trilogy. For the full story, check out the following link...

But it looks like its gonna be an American production (no offence intended), so the plot is likely to suck...
"But it looks like its gonna be an American production (no offence intended), so the plot is likely to suck..."

And are Japanese live-action movies known for their high production qualities? *cough* 8-p

Regardless though, to try and encapsulate the emotional rollercoaster of Eva's storyline in a 2-hour time frame is nigh impossible suggesting it will most likely be a "watered down" version although I could be wrong. Should be interesting to see at any rate how it all unfolds.
I wasn't making a comment about Japanese live-action productions, which most often suck, I agree, so don't get your undies in a knot. I watched a live-action version of TAIHOU SHICHAUZOU (You're under arrest!) last spring and it was really s***.

Yet you say that it's going to be watered down. I agree. The intent of my comment was that being an American production as opposed to a Japanese production, this live-action Evangelion is bound to have the "Hollywood" and "Walt Disney" feel to it, further diluting it... Although if GAINAX and Mr Anno have a say in what the scenario ends up looking like, then it may not turn out so bad...
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What the f***?

On a different note, though, I think it was two years ago there was a big hype about a live action Gundam in the works. It was an American production, an all English cast, under the supervision of Bandai. I even heard that Spielberg was involved along the way. G Gundam, that's what it was... G Gundam is a side story never made into anime... It sucked rocks!!!!! If Evangelion turns out the same (which I'm afraid of, being of very limited interest to the general public), brace yourselves...
I don't think it was G Gundam, if it was a Gundam side story which doesn't exist in an anime form... G Gundam was a fairly long-running TV series. It's currently being shown in the American market in an english-dubbed form.

Sadly, I don't know enough about Gundam to say what it might be...

No, but you're absolutely right. It wasn't G... G was the boxing version Gundam. Ticks me off because I just can't remember the title of that little live action. I'd have to dig through my tapes. I taped it off TV when it aired here...
Yeah, WETA is awesome. They are what makes the world go round. Special effects in LOTR and all that crazy stuff, like Gollum, are extremely entertaining. This probably will be a must watch.
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