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Evangelion Character Selector

Kensuke here too. These nasty ad pop-ups just reminded me how short-tempered I am, hehe.
Kensuke here too. Lol like Twisted said...you sure you programmed this right? :) lol

Interesting. I am Misato's man. :)
Of course I am sure :D
At other boards we had a lot of different results...seems everyone has wits and is tech obsessed over here though 😊
What's wrong with Kensuke anyway? :box: lol
Anyway,let's see some more people's results!:)
Greetings! 🙂

I turned up Kensuke as well... but since there's a ranking of the characters, perhaps a reporting of one's top three would give a more personal picture.

That being said, I'm a Kensuke/Shinji/Rei (Ritsuko in 4th).

Anyone else?
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