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essay on history of medicine


13 Aug 2003
Eeek, today I've to hold a spoken essay at the local university (you are not allowed just to read it down) about Japanese medicine's complete history. I hope I will do better then I fear I will. :eek:

If I had just found more pictures about medicine-related emakimono to make the essay boring for the people to listen to.
Well, I better prepare myself a bit more for that thing. If the prof doesn't like the essay, this Japanology-summer-semester was futile. wish me luck pls :)
Thank you :)
Yes, it went fine, apart from me destroying the overhead-projector (it worked fine for me, just for the prof who wanted to show something after I held my essay, it didn't work anymore), and my printer had problems with some symbols. The essays of other people were interesting too. One was about shunga, another about kabuki, harai and migosi and Shinto and zen Buddhism and whatever. It just took kind of long with over 4 hours.
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