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Error downloading codec ≧_≦!!


23 Oct 2003
I've spent a day downloading ichi the killer and now it doesn't even work!! :mad: It has sound but no picture, how do I get this codec? I downloaded one not long ago too. This happends to me a lot and usally I just download a new one but this time I want to watch it now.
luc you have an IMer like aim or icq or something?
also what format is ichi in? like .avi or .cue or whatever
I have msn messenger,

Under properties, the type of file is Video Clip. I hope this is what you mean since I forgot how to see the .avi .mpeg ... at the end.
try using this to play it: BSplayer

if that doesnt work use this: VLC

both/either of these should be able to play whatever you need them too including .dat files. both support .ogg also bsplayer can accept subtitles that arent imbedded in the movie file itself usually called .srt though sometimes .sub or .txt

to show file extension on xp:
start>>control panel>>folder options>>view tab>>uncheck "hide extensions for known file types."
For codecs i usually download the latest version of Nimopack, but the installation is not all that userfriendly. If you install it fully many codecs will conflict with eachother. It's usually a question of trial and error to see which one you need (and that means a lot of installing and uninstalling over and over again).

You can download Nimopack here:
Download Nimo Codec Pack 5.0 build 9 B1
Thanks guys! That VLC thing plays it. I'll be back with an other problem soon :p
twisted, those codecs for divx player or just windows in general or...?

ive havent really dealt with codecs much, i tend use different players for different things, and i've yet to run into something i couldnt play with either of those players.

np luc, have fun watching ichi. 👍
The BSplayer couldn't read it, "Unknown file format (DIVX)".

Thanks I will 👏
oh yeah, you may have to associate bsplayer with the format to play it. its in preferences, the hammer icon. even then it sometimes has issues *shurg* i like it becuase you can customize the subtitles, making them easier to read. and the desktop mode in neat too, have a movie as your wallpaper 👍
whenever youre playing something in it just press "D"
press "D" again to get out of it
cant view subtitles in that mode for some reason though, unless theyre imbeded in the movie.
Try a player called zoom player that comes with the ACE mega codecs pack. Since installing this player I have not had a problem with any movie or audio file.
jeisan said:
twisted, those codecs for divx player or just windows in general or...?

With these codecs you can play practically any file in the standard Windows Media Player. I don't know if other players can use these too. Never tried.
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