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14 Mar 2002
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Goodness gracious, I apologize for posting such a profanity, but Austria doesn't stop to amaze me...


Btw, villagers applying for passports are not required to display their place of birth on the document.
hahaha. I wonder how the English speaking locals feel about it.
I guess they don't travel to English-speaking countries. Imagine the poor dudes arriving in the UK or US, then the immigration officier reading the issuing authorities on the passport : "F'ucking", then the name of guy being "Gottfried Hacker" (God freed hacker, still an enlightened Muslim fanatic whose going to screw America under a little disguised borrowed name).
Originally posted by thomas Goodness gracious, I apologize for posting such a profanity, but Austria doesn't stop to amaze me...

There's a Vietnamese restaurant down the street from me called PHO BICH NIGGA. I should take a picture of it and post it.
I dated this girl and she was traveling to Austria for six months sometime into the time we had started dating and I was really, and I mean really in love with her to the point that (which I do rarely) had after like a few months into the relationship introduced her to all my friends, parents and even grandparents.

I had told her that if she left I wouldn't cheat on her and she didn't really believe me because I had slept with some of her friends previously and I'm known as a player. I then promised her, wrote a little makeshift contract and told her I'd not see any other girls and she did the same thing, she promised she wouldn't sleep with any guys in Austria.

I then recieved a letter about a month into her trip and she had apologized for sleeping with someone and asked for my understanding. I called her up and told her it was ok. I then during the next week went out and slept with two girls and then for the rest of the sixth months I seriously dated, aswell as slept with one of her best friends.

Well to make a long story short she returned home, we went out to lunch and she looked like a totally different person but nevertheless I was happy to be with her again, well after lunch we had drove over to a park, sat down and began to talk. It was like twenty minutes into catching up on things when she sort of stopped the conversation and said, "I need to tell you something, but I don't know how you'll react so please stay calm." I agreed and she began to lay down the hammer saying, "While I was in Austria, I kind of slept with people..." , I then laughed hearing "person" turn into "people" and then I proceeded to ask, "how many,, people??" she then looked away from me and said "eight" ,, I was totally thrown back, and she looked at me again and after seeing my expression looked worried and asked, "everything is ok though right?!! we can still be together,," I kind of didn't say anything and she broke the silence again, "wait,, how many girls did you sleep with?" I looked at her with one of the greatest expressions of sadness I've ever mimiced and told her, "none,," (figuring her best friend wouldnt tell her due to that would ruin their relationship,) and then she asked, "what?!! really? that's not like you.." and I don't know if she said eight to get a reaction out of me and/or get me to confess, or if she really did sleep with eight people but either way I broke up with her, stood up and left, with a full stomach from the free lunch she had just bought me, SCORE!


This was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time!! Thanks for a good laugh. :)
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