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Ero Sushi-ya


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14 Mar 2002
Hehe, an erotic sushi bar... and in Otaru/Hokkaido of all places. I wonder if they allow foreigners in, lol.

'Erotic sushi' bar serves up tantalizing treats

Ero Sushi-ya commences service from 8 p.m. From the outside, its sign reads "sushidokoro" and it appears no different from any other sushi establishment. Upon entering, the visitor is welcomed with a warm "irrashai." And just as in any conventional sushi shop, its interior decor features a counter with stools.

The resemblance, however, ends there: Behind the counter, the visitor will not see chefs brandishing knives or applying dabs of wasabi to balls of vinegared rice, but rather, encounter a smiling madam and a half dozen fetching females clad in happi coats with nothing underneath.

"Hi," greets the madame warmly. "Are you a tourist? The course at our shop provides 40 minutes, including 'honban' (the 'real thing' i.e., intercourse) for 10,000 yen."

=> http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/waiwai/0301/030107sushi.html

Hm, sushi and honban...
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