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er... um... what does gaijin mean...?

Before a big fight starts over this (again), Gaijin is mostly used as stating a fact, not to insult somebody. My Godfather's friend was staying in Chiba and went out walking with his baby (whom is half Japanese half Italian). And many Japanese would come up and just stare at his baby, usually with whispers of "ookii ne!" (the baby was slightly bigger compared to Japanese babies, with darker skin). This wasn't meant as an insult, just as stating a fact.

I wouldn't worry about it, it's a different culture and society. There are always exceptions, but I doubt that the Japanese would insult you to your face. :)
ookii means big or large..So 'ookii ne' would mean something like that 'big, isn't it?'. You might also hear debo (fat), but I've only heard that when referring to teenagers & adults, not babies.
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