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15 Mar 2002
OK, now, japan. totally awesome!

in fact, I'm going to travel there after school is over for me (3 years :D) and, I need some help.

so....here's what I need to know!

I need to know, of course, how to speak, and understand, japanese! :) so, does anyone know what can help me? for instance, a downloadable off the i-net, or classes (remember I'm in the USA) or something?

but, I really want to go there, and this is a major thing that's gonna stop me, because, knowing myself, I'll do something wrong, and get beat up...or in jail:eek: :(

also, I'm asking anyone for advice, like what I should, and shouldn't do, so no one is, ya know...offended....

Hi Saiyanguy,

as for behaviour, things to do, not to do, check out our general Japan Forum, Moyashi has posted quite interesting info over there (for instance how to behave in restaurants without being thrown in jail etc).

If you're a Japan starter, take a look at the following page: it's called Kids Web Japan, but hey, it's not only for kids, I'm a frequent visitor myself. The info is very concise. There's also Japan Access, Japan Atlas, The Virtual Museum, Trends in Japan and much more. All these pages are maintained by the Japan Information Network. Also browse our directory, you'll find a lot of cool pages on Japan.

You will also find a lot of online language resources => Online Resources | Japan Forum

Just plunge in! 😄
Hi saiyanguy!

I've made it here without too many visits to the Police Box (Koban), so you should be ok.

Thomas is the reference guy so he'll know where to get online help.
I'm more of the type that likes to write about "Today's living in Japan" ;)

If you're planning to come over.

I'd really suggest looking into the MONBUSHO (ministry of Education) hiring proccess. The Ministry of Education hires folks who've had 1 year of Japanese learning for jobs teaching in "real" schools in Japan. The pay is pretty decent but the job is what you get out of it (I hear lot's of good and bad from this system). But the most important is that you get an easy foot in the door which will open many doors here in Japan for you!
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