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Enrolling as a research student at Kyoto University


Jun 4, 2019
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I have a Master's degree and would like to continue research, but I am a little hesitant to commit to a PhD because my research interests have recently changed to a topic that is only tangentially related to my current degrees. I read about kenkyusei, short non-degree programs allowing international students to conduct research with an advisor at a Japanese university. This feels like a great opportunity to get some research experience. A couple of questions:

a) are these programs available only to bachelor's graduates, or am I eligible? If am not eligible (overqualified), ignore the rest of the questions, lol.
b) are these programs meant to lead to Masters/ PhD enrolment at the university, or are they 'non-binding'?
b) I have identified (not yet approached) an advisor at Kyoto University whose research I am interested in. Assuming I obtain their approval as per the university's information page, what is the admissions process like (for Kyoto University specifically)? Where can I find the application forms, required documents, deadlines, etc?
c) Will there be an entrance exam?
d) What are the English language requirements? I am not a native English speaker, but recently completed a full-time Master's program delivered in English, in Australia. This satisfies the Eng requirement for student visa in Australia, but I wonder if things are different in Japan
e) I got my Bachelor's degree from the University of Hong Kong. Kyoto University's page for prospective research students has a separate admissions procedure for graduates of Chinese/ HK/ Taiwanese universities. The instructions are in Chinese. I am not a national of these countries, and went on to complete a Master's in Australia. Will this procedure apply to me?



Oct 12, 2013
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Mate I think these kind of detailed questions are best addressed directly to the University. This area seems so specialized that I seriously doubt you will get satisfying answers from any of us. (I could be wrong, so if any forum member has experience as a kenkyusei, here is your chance to shine.). That very page you linked to even has the message and link, "For more details, contact relevant administrative offices. ", which seems like it was made for you.