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14 Mar 2002
Japan brewer hopes drivers get into "Party Mood"

With Japan's end-of-year party season about to get under way, one sake brewer is hoping its latest product will help people get home safely after enjoying the festivities.

Enkai Kibun or "Party Mood", due to go on sale on December 12, is the first ever sake to be virtually free of alcohol, maker Fukumitsuya said on Thursday.

"Traffic regulations are getting stricter all the time, so we think it might appeal to people who have to drive home after a party," company spokesman Kazuhiro Kobayashi said.

Like ordinary sake, Enkai Kibun is made from fermented rice, but using a different type of yeast that leaves it with an alcohol content of 0.5 percent. Traditional sake has an alcohol content of around 15 percent, comparable to sherry.

Containing only a third of the calories of ordinary sake, the new product could also appeal to dieters, but connoisseurs may quibble over the flavour.

"That's a matter of personal preference. We are marketing it as a drink that tastes like sake and we think it's pretty close," the spokesman said.

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Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery: "Non-alcoholic sake will hit the market soon!"

Hehe. By the way, I'll have my wedding party this Sunday (after a year of being officially married). I am getting somewhat excited as the day approach.

Wow, that's great, Maciamo! Our sincerest congratulations!
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