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25 Jun 2002
LOL ok...I know this is in your directory but I thought I'd bring it to the attention of the people who haven't seen it before. It's HILARIOUS...I'm sitting here cracking up.


to find out more.
Bahhh Revolver? I think everyone would agree that if there's one thing that Kurt C taught us it's this........ shotguns are the weapon of choice...

engrish.com is great. A friend pointed it out to me a while back.

I have to drive behind those Nissan Pathfinders all the time.

meet your best friend nature ... yeah right ;)
The first time I stumbled across www.engrish.com I thought it was a joke.

After speaking to a few friends in japan and having them check out the site...they confirmed it for me...too funny.
I had forgot to add yesterday. When I first came to Japan like many English speaker, I would go off everytime I saw something so ridiculous as bad wordings or complain why don't the sign making companies use a dictionary.

Now, I just kick back and have a good laugh. Even the strange wordings used by Nissan I can see in a different light. Read some of the stuff, forget the bad spellings (which they really should spell check), and think how refreshing, new and interesting their phrases are.
It's because of ENGRISH.COM that Pocari Sweat is my favorite non-alcoholic Japanese drink. I usually don't complete the day without one...even when I'm in the States...
Pocari Sweeat some kind of isotonic drink. It tastes nice if it's really cold. We can even find it at Japanese stores here in Vienna, but it's a bit expensive.
Yea its a sports drink that kind of has the sensation of you drinking someone else's sweat. I hear its popular in Japan.
Pocari Sweat gives me a weird heart burn after drinking it after a hockey game. hmmm, I drink Aquarius by Coke a Cola.

Coke beverage company also does can coffee and oolong tea.
"We are passionate about lunch communication."

Hehe, some nice examples of Japanglish. :)
I've found this on a joke site, but they are probably all authentic :

The following are actual products in Japan that have awful English mistranslations:

"- Discover Japanese People Alive in their Festivals!" (Japan Travel Bureau travel guide)
- Cookie Face (cosmetics) :auch:
- Salad Girl (more cosmetics)
- Skin clock for those wishing to become a dog (calendar) :confused:
- Naive Lady (toilet paper)
- The Goo (soup) 🍜
- Pork with fresh garbage (cabbage)
- Specialist in Deceased Children (diseased) 😲
- Finest Moldy Cheese :cautious:
- Liver Putty (Japanese SPAM)
- My Fanny Toilet Paper ( naah ! was that a specialist shop for girls ?)
- My Pee Diapers :snore:
- Nail Remover :( (nail polish remover)
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ouch, that nail remover gotta hurt! hahaha! :D

sometimes i wonder, don't the japanese companies have someone to revise all the foreign texts that go with the products?... i mean, all those engrish stuff don't need to be 100% formal/conventional english, but at least some things such as 'deceased children' or 'shituation' could be avoided! :)
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