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English language documentation and software.


18 Aug 2003
I guess this post is primarily for those who reside in Japan. I'm currently in the marken for a decent digiatal camera, but my knowledge of Japanese (written or otherwise) is pretty minimal. Here in Osaka, there are some Duty Free shops that sell cameras, but their selection is fairly limited. If I buy a camera through the usual channels, with a Japanese manual and software, is there a way to later get an english manual and software? Hopefully for free?
I was wondering the same thing

a friend of mine in Japan, offered to bring me a digital camera from there, but I don't know japanese yet

someone told me that you could load other languages to the camera, is this so?
Yes - you can usually download the English manuals from the company website...

eg if you buy a Sony Camera, go to the Sony website and look up the product code of the model you have bought and you will be able to either download or order the English (or other langauges) manual.

I have done this heaps of times and they were free.

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