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English in Japan!?!? (Exam question)


23 Oct 2003
My exam is on Japan and I have questions about a stake here:

- To analyze a tourist stake by arising all stages of the analysis (protagonist, stake, point of view, etc.)

- To determine which are the factors stimulating of your destinations

- To enumerate the tourist attractions according to simulative factors

I said a lot of stakes to my teacher like: Tsunami, volcano. etc But she didn't support it so my stake is (English). Is their any cities which English is not spoken and a tourist will have a trouble time?

My exam is Monday the 26! and I have a lot of questions so can somebody help me? I don't want to pull some all nighters
Hmmm, good question.

Generally, the big cities will have people that speak/understand English. I would suggest that the rural cities out side of the metropolis cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, Kobe, Hiroshima, etc) would have very few English speakers...
I dont see anything wrong with japanese people not being able to speak english, not many people speak japanese in my city.

Id say that a tourism burea or department in the government to promote areas or locations so that the tourist can decide for themselves where to go. My state has one and has brochures in foreign languages with info about hotels, restaurants, tours and places of interest. Something like that.
Ya well its a problem to the tourist , I seriously don't care if the tourist doesn't understand Japanese thats he's problem. But since this was a question on my exam I needed a answer.
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