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English and Portuguese Teachers in Japan


free spirit
29 Oct 2002
Hi. I'm seeking advice from teachers in Japan, for some friends of mine who just finished their course recently and are certified in teaching Portuguese, and English as a foreign language.

The problem is that around here, in Portugal, the Universities don't take in account if a job market is saturated, when they created new courses, so they graduate people in large batches and right now things are bad if you are a teacher in Portugal.

So I have this two friends, who are sisters, that are currently unemployed and they have a fascination about Japan and during a conversation with them I asked them why not try a offshore adventure, like for instance, in Japan? They got a bit interested but they don't have any knowledge of how to go about teaching in Japan, so I promised I would try to get some information for them.
Can anyone help me with this? Like writing about your experience as a teacher or recommending a company or how to go about and do this?

Thank you in advance. :)
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