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End of Summer


15 Apr 2002
Summer is famous for firecrackers and fireworks.

One of the most popular of the group are "senko hanabi" :hanabi: Like the one being held by this little smiley.

hanabi "fireworks" that range on the low level of gun powder are very popular and a scene that you'll see at night in many neighborhoods. Of course, safety and fire prevention are the norm. You normally can buy a set that provides a bucket to dose the hot left over pieces.
that is sweet...we pretty much only have hanabi around the fourth of July. Here they preach saftey up and down but do little to prevent accidents, except some states have only a hand full of hanabi that you can buy.

Put a bucket or something in with the hanabi is a great idea.
Yeah, that's right. I totally forgot that only a few southern states sold hanabi. Over here you can get them at the local 7/11 or Am/Pm.

They even have Bottle Rockets! which are the most dangerous out of the bunch. The explosion types are pretty weak, lol, I haven't fingered tested yet but they look about as powerful as to burn your hand.

You know that since you mentioned safetly I just realized something. The Japanese are pretty anal about safety. They put signs on bridges that say "don't jump, it's dangerous" and other places in public but when it comes to products especially min-fireworks I see very little warnnings besides those on the wrapper, although, most people are pretty cautious and considerate when they do use them, ie, move away from houses as far as possible, use them at a decent time at night, don't have fire cracker wars like I would probably do and such.

Recently at a local show a fireworks pod (looks like a lump of dough) landed in a nearby field, the next the police and firedepartment went searching for th e puppy.

There isn't a 1 day thing for firework displays. You can see them between July and August mostly. 1 resort town has a show every night and many schools for their festivals have a mini-firework dispaly too. hmmm, I wonder what the cost is for that? I know that towns pay out in US $100,000 + for minor shows but how much does a high school pay ??? ok I'll check.

Hope this helps :)
It does help. The comment about the Firecracker War was funny because as kids we used to have roman candle wars...that was stupid and dangerous.
We were all stupid and dangerous once :)

I used to plug firecrackers in apples, cow turds, wet toilet paper rolls and peanut butter bombs. Me and my friends rage against our town !
LOL...rage on Moyashi"sensei"

isn't it scary to know that our kids are going to be doing this one day??? kinda frightening actually
hehe, But we know all the tricks already ;)

It's gonna be hard for my kid to get **** past me :)

haha, at school yesterday, I taught my jr. high kids how to make squeaky noises with a balloon, you know pull the mouth part wide apart :) ... they didn't know you could do that !!!

hehe ... great influence eh!
You are such a roll model...LOL

I am loving teaching my son all of my bad habits, my wife is gonna kick my a$$ though...LOL
Thanks ;)

lolo, that's too funny.

That reminds me, my friend taught his kid some karate. He got himself chopped really hard in the throat once. My buddy learned that you should never drop your guard to anyone.
That is funny, I have been teaching/play fighting with Jonathan since he was about 6 to 8 months old. He hit me so hard about a year ago, that the blood vessels in my eye burst and half of the white part was blood red...I am very caucious now.
Are they preeching safty in other countries too? Here it isn't just saftey for fire works. they are going nuts here on most all topics.
Start of Winter !!

Summer is over big-time ! Here in Maine and New England some places got up to 6-8 inches of snow !! October is too soon for this !!

ahh roman candle wars.. good times....

This summer 40 people 4 teams 10 on each team
blair witch type forest
felt kinda like being in gladiator (the first scene)

but yes i know how you feel about getting wacked by a
child who you taught to fight lol

step bro 3 years old
little bugger almost broke my nose with a drop kick....oh he got his later

:devilish: :box:


i cant wait to be a teacher in Japan
its gonna be fun to teach them things like the balloon thing hehe😌 👏 :p
:D Actually i dont know lol :D

But i will say yes he is cause i think that is cool lol

😌 👏

and it would make sence to lol (i always have headphones on lol)

😄 Dancin 😄

:giggle: :devilish: 👏
I dont know :sorry:

I would say it looks more like the he is pulling on a glove or somthing
(looks like a fighter char to me 👏 👍 :box:)

kinda like me lol
so i picked it hehe

altho i only wish i had silver hari that spiked like that

altho i do spike my hair.... perhaps me anime style ^_^

That just gave me an idea for a new thread 👏
Just to get this thread back on topic ("end of summer"): we've had 10 cm of snow today!! Eek!
😭 Its getting really cold In toronto 😭

Have to walk underground to work

and i still freeze my butt off

its almost into the negatives but no snow.....yet:eek: :eek: :eek: 😭
Sorry about you guys with snow. Here in Florida i am still swimming.
The temp runs in the high 80`s.
:sorry: :sorry:

i am very sorry samuraitora!:sorry:

i din`t mean to 'rub'. i really din`t! i posted as a joke. I personally, never will feel good when others are havin difficolt time.
I have been living in cold places: i lived in Ohio, for 7 years. it was so cold, that one day i walked to my church, and i freezed both harms and hands.

Please, forgive me all of you that understood that wasn`t a joke.

I do wish all of you the best and warmest wether.

Worm hugs to you all.


Cathy🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
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