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14 Mar 2002
Japanese businessmen stage the revolution: the Tokyo Tea Party.

DAVOS-Japan needs to end bureaucracy's power-elite group

Japanese businessmen, academics and politicians cast aside their traditional reserve on Friday and called for an oriental version of the Boston Tea Party to end the bureaucratic elite's grip on power in Tokyo. The call, by a group of Japanese at the World Economic Forum, an annual high-profile gathering of the world's powerful, reflected their frustration at a decade of economic stagnation.

The group has just published a paper called "Blueprint for Japan", aimed at laying bare some of the underlying causes of the country's problems such as high debt and lack of competition. The group said the radical changes needed would only be possible if the Japanese population, still affluent and content despite a decade of economic stagnation, really found out how their taxes were wasted and government corruption flourished.

"We need some kind of a revolution," said Jiro Tamura, a law professor at Keio University. "For the Boston Tea Party to happen, which it will, people will have to understand the tax system and corruption," said Joichi Ito, chief executive of venture capitalist firm Neoteny, referring to the dispute over tea taxes which triggered the U.S. fight for independence from Britain.

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Shall we do the same in Europe. Taxes are way higher in Europe than in Japan. Of course, it cost a lot to have free (or very cheap)medical care and education (I mean especially universities) and free motorways in most of the EU (except France, Italy...), but that doesn't mean the the bureaucracy is more efficient or the politician less corrupted. How could we justify that the average taxes in Europe are 3,4 or 5 times higher (depending on which ones) than in the US and Japan ?
Contrary to the U.S and Japan most European countries still put a lot of emphasis on social welfare (even though a few conservative administrations such as the one in Austria have successfully managed to dismantle social legislation). Also, the era of free European highways is over.
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