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'--enable-mbstr-enc-trans' / UK host


3 Jul 2003
I'm having real difficulty finding a web host who has this string enabled on PHP installed on a shared or managed server.

Although I could install it on a root server, I wanted to go for a managed server cos I am not a techie and wouldn't have a clue what to do if the server went down.

Can anyone recommend a UK based webhost who does have this enabled, so that PHP forms can be sent in Japanese ?

I did eventually find someone in the UK who can provide a dedicated managed server with that PHP string enabled (at a price), but I think I might go with plan B and find a Japanese host instead.

Much later.....

I had a lot more success with the web hosts in the US. I found four hosts who had the string configured and enabled, or were happy to enable it.

All of the American hosts I contacted got back to me within hours, unlike many of the UK hosts who didn't even bother to get back to me. One UK host (owned by NTT) actually told me that I couldn't speak to anyone in sales because they 'd 'all' gone to lunch !

I'd definitely recommend anyone in the same situation to try a few American web hosts.

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