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Employing a Japanese private investigator

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14 Mar 2002
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I have been in contact with Reverend W.M. who asked me to share his experience looking for an old friend in Japan. According to him, he successfully managed to get in contact with his friend employing the services of a private investigation and risk protection group based in India. They seem to collaborate with private investigators throughout Japan. I am not going to post their name, but I have all their credentials along with the person to contact in case someone needs their services. Whether they are legitimate or not I cannot say.

Also - someone correct me please - I believe it is mandatory in Japan to register a newborn within two weeks after birth.

Anyhow, in urgent cases - and that's what this post is about - it seems to be possible to locate a Japanese friend even from abroad - of course for a fee.

Please find Rev. M's letter below:

Regarding people search in Japan, since Japan does not have a mandatory citizen numbering system like the United States with its Social Security system, locating a "lost" person is not easy. (It took me six months!!)

In my own experience, I wanted to locate a long lost friend I last had contact with when I was a teacher in Tokyo, nearly 30 years ago.

Fortunately I knew my friend's name and birth date, as well as my own guess about his parent's home location (city and Prefecture). Without this information, I don't think I could have located my friend.

When a person is born in Japan, his parents may or may not register the new child's name and birth date with the government. This is a voluntary step – not mandatory.

A foreigner will not be able to access this government database without the assistance of Japanese agent or investigator. So how did I locate a Japanese private investigator?

I performed an extensive web search and found *****. I contacted ***** and its director emailed me. I explained my request. Then he contacted his Japanese Private Investigator.

Next I was told what steps the Japanese PI would take. They also gave me the fee.

I paid the fee and within a few days, the Japanese PI sent a report to *****, who then emailed me with my friend's parent's address and phone number. I then sent registered letters to my friend's parents, asking his parents to forward my letters. It took several tries. Finally my friend responded via email.

(If you get this far in your search, make it easy for the party receiving your letters to contact you. Give your email address and cell phone number. Give your complete name, your mailing address, and some information about where you knew this person.)

NOTE: If you are sending a regular letter to Japan, translate it via Google, and include the English version and the Japanese translation in your envelope. Sign the letter in the name that your friend knew you by. A recent photo of you may assist. Do NOT reveal a lot of personal information in your letter, but give enough information so the person you are trying to reach will recall who you are.

I was very happy with the results that ***** provided me, which included complete contact information, as well as photos of the outside of the parent's home/office, as well as their phone number.

Please note: Japanese people are very private and may distrust foreigners. You may not achieve positive results. No risk/no gain.

Even if you finally locate your long lost friend, your friend may not wish to communicate. That's the throw of the dice. Good luck!

I am not connected in any way with *****. I merely used their services.

Reverend B. W. M.

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